Reinvent Yourself Program

How it works

"Through my own experience. this program has been birthed to support women and men to organize all aspects of their lives from body, mind, nutrition, relationships, household, business and finances. It's my belief that we are abundant beings and hold potential for unlimited possibilities. With a little guidance from our sisters and brothers who master certain branches of life, we can transform our life into walking this planet with grace and ease." - Nana







- Ancestral karma

- Stagnated energy

- Fragmented parts of soul

- Balancing body and chakras

- Assess for advisors


- Body purification

- Nutrition

- Supplements

- Cleanses/recipes

- Assess for advisors


- Organizing work and daily life

- Setting goals and intentions

- Focusing on finances and logistics

- Grounding

- Assess for advisors

Process: meet with Natalia for an initial one on one assessment as to what you need to balance your life out. Natalia will assess which plan out of the soul, body or mind, or a combination of the three will help address your needs to create stability. From there, each plan Guide will assess from their own wisdom and will hold a weekly phonecall to check in as you move towards your balance. Each Guide will also create an individualized plan for you based on the needs for each category. 

Find below the different packages that are available to you. This program is designed over a course of 3 weeks.

Post Alternative Plant Therapy Program

How it works



Sacred Body Work

- Clearing the heart

- Ancestral Healing

- Balancing Chakras

- Womb Healing

- Moving stagnated energy


- Fasting

- Nutrition Planning

- Juicing

- Supplements

- Balancing chemistry

- Clearing toxins

Plant Ally

- Sweet/Bitter Baths

- Teas

- Herbal Supplements

- Lotions/Sprays


- Brain Patterning

- Behavior Patterning

- Rewriting the Story

- Navigating the Mind

- Grief Therapy

- Child/Adult Relationship