• Nana

Summer Solstice

The word “Solstice” is derived from the Latin words Sol+systere, meaning “Sun” and “standing still.” The Summer Solstice is the longest day and the shortest night of the year.

This day signifies the time when the Earth is at the fullness of her fertility and abundance. This is the time for ​community, dance, celebration, sharing our gifts and honoring the mother. ​We can still hear our ancestors dancing to the sacred beat of the drums, evoking the spirits for guidance, strength, and protections with the sun's life sustaining energy. It's time to reflect on what seed you have planted this spring? This spring has been one of the greatest times to go within, sit still, in all of its discomfort, to let the new to be birthed. In order for shifts to happen on the planet, the first shift starts within our hearts, our minds, and bodies. Within the inner shift lies the formula of planetary shift. ​We are graduating high school and stepping into the University we call Earth. How deep are your studies? Times of deeper dialogs with the mother as she is speaking, giving a glimpse of what's possible, as we do our studies.

The energy of the solar eclipse represents a new energy, renewal, new beginnings. Realigning with the new moon energy that invites us to plant the seeds of what it is we want to birth into existence. This is the time to call in the ancestors for support, for guidance, and ask the question of “what are you willing to give to invite into your life what your heart desires?” we have been talking for so long, in a deep hypnosis of greed. Time to wake up to the mother's needs. This can be in the form of different spiritual payments like cutting your hair and giving it to the earth, fasting, donating money to an organization that is in alignment with the lightworkers of the Earth, giving away something material that means a lot to you to someone who is in need, or having beautiful thoughts for a day, for our planet. Intention is the key, being present to this act of giving, and being in the deep communion with the matrix of all that is, to manifest it all to the fullest. When you give something from your heart, you let the spirit know that there is more than enough. You give from a place of abundance, from the place of divinity, of power, integrity and wisdom.

Every change requires an uncomfortable process of shedding the old to let the new to come through. To get out of the darkness, we have to have faith. Faith is the only cure. Having faith in your heart, that there is much bigger intelligence that is taking care of order of all things, the intelligence that loves and sees you. It knows how important you are with all your feelings. It honors them and lets go. Be present and aware, be willing to step into the unknown, into the void, with your faith, knowing that you will be ok. You will be taken care of, because you believe. You believe in beauty, love, compassion, strength, abundance, ancestors, Gaia, the universe, the whole existence, dancing its dance of surrendering, holding you, teaching you, loving you.

This is the time of the ancient prophecies, the time to rise above the old paradigm of operating on this planet and step into the new order of things. This is the time to do the deepest inner work. ​A very wise man told me once, there are no shortcuts, you gotta go through bitterness to be able to taste the sweetness.