• Nana

Conversing With The Moon

New Moon in Gemini - May 22, 2020

Recently we had a circle of women celebrate the full moon and let go of what is no longer needed. As I explained in the circle, the waning moon is one that represents winter, death, and crone in the pagan traditions- now is the time for self reflection and meditation. As we die to everything that comes up for us during this month, we quiet down and listen to what is asked to be born on this new moon.

This is a powerful time that we are living in. It is crucial, now more than ever, to cultivate this energy, and to engage in a dialog with Mother Earth. Working with Moon energy is one of the most important dialogs in our lives. Once we are aware and absolutely present to it, we will see how gracefully she works with us, without us even understanding what’s happening in our innerverse. This is the time of awakening, this is the time of aligning ourselves with our paths, this is the time to do the work we came here to do.

So, let’s examine our new moon, shall we? This new moon is in Pisces, we just entered the Gemini, which is all about our relationship with our community. This is the time for new ideas, the time for reinventing our connections to others. Its' element is air, which is all about communications through relationships, learning, speaking, socializing. Coming out of the transformational full moon in Scorpio, this time of lockdown has been a great opportunity to reflect on our tribe.

What is your relationship with your friends? Why are they there? Do they make you feel elevated? Do they help you grow? Are you in relationships because they are convenient and comfortable? Are you used to taking from people? Or are you giving too much and feeling depleted at all times?

We have been living in a deep hypnosis of greed, lack, self loathing, and fear - and this is how a lot of us still operate. Now is the time to look on a much deeper level, because our Gaia is birthing humanity of new awareness and understanding, those who know how to work from a new paradigm of being in a community which comes from a much more vast and abundant place of trust, love, and unity.