• Nana

Ancestral Call

These great times of planetary shift are an amazing opportunity to go deeper and start asking more questions about our existence. As the usual life of consumption, race, greed, fear, and separation of the rat race has been the norm of the old paradigm of living, these times of change are helping us to turn the switch from running on autopilot mode, into awaken awareness of much deeper understanding of this phenomena we call life.

For me, personally, these are the times to ask questions like why I am really here? Why did I choose to come to this planet? Why as a female? Why Armenian? Why this family and friends?

Being a mystic all my life, I am no stranger to asking all these questions myself before, but I knew my soul was calling to go much deeper, to penetrate through all the programming and conditioning of my mind I accumulated during my time on this planet. So I did.

As I sat there quietly in meditation to listen closely to the inner knowing that lies within, the question that came to mind was about my background. Why Armeninan? What does it really mean to me to represent this nation, and what gifts am I here to give? I called in my ancestors to whisper their guidance into my ear. As I felt chills running down my spine, within minutes an overwhelming remembrance came of the ancient land. A land of greatness, of an Empire, and a thriving civilization. Land of mysticism, rituals, and magic. As I felt into this inner knowing, I knew this is where we are headed. Back to our origins, where there was greatness, honor, trust, and love. Community and order, one unity. This was not the message to separate and be better than, this was a message to come closer with a vibrancy of colors of different nations. As I wear this suit of “Armenian female”, how can I honor my ancestors? What can I do to eliminate the suffering they went through? Armenia went through a grate history of surrefirng, wars, and genocide. What I am here to do deferenty, not to repeat the same lessons that they already had to pay for? I don’t want wars, suffering, and pain. I know now this is not why I am here for. I know why am I here, to bring the energy of the great Empire back, through everyday living. Through ancient music, food, clothes, and dance. Through esoteric teachings of my ancestors, the magic of our priestesses, and wisdom of our mystics. Through bringing order and harmony to my queendom, where I reside, inside this temple I call my body and outside, the temple I call my home. To my people I call family and friends, and to this planet I call Earth.

Where are you from and what does that represent to you? Have you answered your ancestral call?