Natalia “Nana” Oganesyan

Natalia “Nana” Oganesyan can help guide you into the heart of your personal healing and the awakening of your self-love.


Her work focuses on supporting women to awaken the presence of the Divine Feminine within, using womb meditation and a variety of creative practices.


Through her own healing journey and spiritual path she has received initiations and acquired direct experience from several cultures, from Navajo medicine women, to a Lakota chief. She mentored for seven years under Taita Juan of the Inga and Siona traditions of Columbia. She is a graduate of the Cosmic Energy School in Russia and was initiated into the highest level known as Hutta. She is currently studying the esoteric arts of ancient Persia. Skilled in the fire extraction technique used by the monks in certain Tibetan monasteries, and many healing modalities coming from her own homeland Armenia, she offers a vast variety of healing practices.


​Natalia has a special gift and passion for working with herbs and is bringing her own Armenian ancestral wisdom forward. An avid painter and musician, Natalia’s painted instruments have been used in ceremonies around the world.