Natalia “Nana” Oganesyan


Natalia “Nana” Oganesyan can help guide you into the heart of your personal healing and the awakening of your self-love.

Her work also focuses on supporting women to awaken the presence of Divine Feminine within, using womb meditation and a variety of creative practices.

Through her own healing journey and spiritual path she has received initiations and acquired direct experience from several cultures, from Navajo medicine women, to a Lakota chief, and inside the Inga and Siona tribes of Columbia. 

She has also graduated from the Cosmic Energy School in Russia and was initiated into the highest level known as Hutta. Skilled in the fire extraction technique used by the monks in certain Tibetan monasteries and many healing modalities coming from her own homeland Armenia, she offers a vast variety of healing practices.

Natalia has a special gift and passion for working with herbs and is bringing her own Armenian ancestral wisdom and formulating her own potions from her native land.

An avid painter and musician, Natalia’s painted instruments have been used in ceremonies around the world.


Today she is in deep study with her beloved teacher and a mentor Taita Juan, which allows her to dive deeper into the remembrance of indigenous ways and the plant medicine.

Genevieve Germain


Genevieve is a healer and an alchemist.


Through her own struggle with undiagnosed food intolerances, her path began to unfold when she recognized the power of food as information and how the frequency and energetic vibration of different plant allies can heal the body naturally.

​Genevieve is a certified holistic health coach, 500hr yoga instructor and holds a BA in Health Arts and Sciences. Through her passion for yoga she began to dive deep into the study of Ayurveda and applied these principles of bio-individuality which is the science of listening to the body unlocking its innate ability to heal itself.

Most of all, she is a devoted student of life, daughter of our Mother Earth and all of her plants, a real kitchen witch-herbalist. We are blessed to have her work her magic as a part of the Eridu family.

Emma Morandy

Business Advisor

Emma can help you find empowerment and clarity around your goals, and supports the realization of your visions.

Through her experience in the film and business industry, yoga practice and spiritual growth, Emma has learned how to take people with dreams, goals and missions in life and help them ground their ideas into reality.


Using organizational methods, task lists, and discussions, she heals the cluttered mind, giving way for a clear path with less obstructions.

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